Saturday, May 16, 2015

My Personal Review of Alice Phillips' New, Hot Cookbook: "Ally's Kitchen: A Passport for Adventurous Palates"

No passport needed! Just hop on Ally's "magic carpet ride" and buckle up!
Ranked, "HOT New Release" by!

 "Ally's thirst for adventures is beautifully, captured in her recipes."

Chardonnay-infused cookie dough, delicious enough, that it temps you to eat it raw!

Ally's personality-infused, vocabulary makes you feel like you are along with her for the ride!

Perfect for dunking in espresso or cappuccino!
I couldn't wait to get Ally's cookbook in the mail, since I knew this treasure was a lifetime journey in the making for my dear friend, and fellow food competitor, Alice Phillips. Anyone who knows Ally, knows her to be a self-proclaimed, "Bohemian" force, so full of energy and life, that it's impossible not to absorb some of that spirit, just by interacting with her, even if only by email, or her, cult-like following, Facebook Page, alone. 

She has the cutest little, West Virginian, 'Southern drawl," and spunky, personality that comes through in everything she touches, and her thirst for adventure is captured in all her "boholicious," recipes. There is nothing "ordinary" about Ally! As an artist, myself, I can, confidently, say, that she is one of the most creative people I know, and over the years, I've watched her grow into a strong, self-taught, food photographer, food-stylist, and recipe developer. She has written the book on deconstructing a recipe, twisting and turning (on its head), sprinkling some fairy dust, and reconstructing it into something new, and unexpected. This is the, very, definition of an artist. They deepen the mystery, and make you see things in a new and unexpected, way. If you have been following Ally's Website, then you already know this to be true. Her new, cookbook, serves to underscore her craft, and is like a tangible, little, treasure chest that you can call your very own, bookmark your favorite recipes, and share with friends.

 Make your life "Boholicious!"

 Her book has a very fun and easy-to-follow, internal structure, loaded with beautiful photography and eye-catching, graphics. This makes, or breaks an "instructional book" for me. If I have to read through a long, pithy recipe, I'll bookmark it, and put it into my, "I'll make this 'someday' list," then, of course, never make it. Come on, you know you do the same thing!  Ally's recipes are written in her vocabulary; the language that she speaks, which is so down-to-earth and conversational, it's as if she is sitting in your kitchen, giving the recipe to you, personally. I love this! And, if you follow her website, or Facebook page, then you, definitely, know this to be true. Her recipes are inspired by her "magic carpet rides," as she affectionately calls them,  from her travels all over the world.

I have plans to make many of Ally's recipes from her exotic, travels, but, of course, being of Italian-American heritage, I dove right in and was drawn to the Italian cookies, Ciambelle di Magro, in the "Stunning Mediterranean" chapter. Oh, my, my, my!! These were right up my "ally!" (pun intended) First, one of the ingredients is wine, so, that was enough of a hook for me! Then, Ally rhapsodies about her trip to Tuscany, and an Italian woman she knows who whipped these cookies up for her guests. Okay. I'm in. 

Ciambelle di Magro are made with just a few humble ingredients, (like many of Italy's famous, staple dishes) that most people already have in their pantry right now. If you went to your pantry right now, I guarantee you have flour, sugar, olive oil, white wine, and salt. Okay, maybe you drank the wine, already, but still... you have everything else! This is what Italians do; they are masters at elevating a few humble, ingredients into something impressive and elegant. 

I have to confess, the Chardonnay wine, beautifully, perfumes the dough, so much so, that I couldn't resists eating some of the dough, raw! Yes, I did! And, who cares? There's no eggs, so feel free to feast on that yummy, raw dough!  But, what these cookies are really intended for, are a nice, hot cup of espresso, or cappuccino (if it's morning), or, my favorite, a glass of wine, preferably, the Chardonnay you used to make the dough.  

What's nice is that they come together, so quickly, with very little effort, that they can be made for impromtu guests. Plus, they will think you're a boholicious, superstar! Who doesn't love that title?  This would be a perfect time to pull out Ally's cookbook, and show them how easy they can add a little boho, adventure to their palate and join the "magic carpet ride!"

And, don't forget, you can jump on the "magic carpet ride," and buy your own Kindle edition, or hard copy on!!


  1. Cathi, your photos lend such a "feeling" of Italy -- simply stunning! -- and your review is a "tangible little treasure chest" like you described Ally's cookbook. Wonderful! Thank you.

  2. Cathi! First of all, the mood you've portrayed in these photos swoops me totally away from where I am and really into a small Italian villa, bistro,'s magical! And, your review...well, I feel like I'm reading about someone else far away...very much like when I was a little girl and would dream...thank you, my luv, for putting so much juju energy and love into this...I feel it totally...and, I'm always available to be YOUR sous chef! Love you, pretty girl! ~peace & namaste~ ally

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