Friday, April 22, 2011

Some Like it Hot! - Giardiniera Deep Dish Pizzettes

Crunchy, crisp crust on the outside and gooey on the inside!

Perfect for entertaining, this recipe strikes just the right balance balance of heat & pungency, tempered by the richness of the creamy, vodka marinara sauce.

Simmering the Mezzetta Hot Mix and Spanish olives in the vodka marinara sauce first, creates an interesting and unique depth that blossoms as the pickling juices release into the sauce. Layering the pizzettes with mozzarella adds a playful, gooey-stringiness that everyone loves! A mini deep dish, (formed using ramekins,) is the perfect vehicle for these ingredients, as the crust is a thick and sturdy canvas, enough to stand up the heartiness of the Hot Mix Salad. 

These pizzettes are the perfect party-pleaser that serves elegantly, and will pique the curiosity of your guests, and the real measure of success is everyone will want a copy of the recipe!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Roasted Carrot Gnocchi with Toasted Walnut & Sage Beurre Blanc

Carrots, whole wheat flour, 1 egg, garlic, walnuts, sage, butter, shallots, white wine, white wine vinegar, sea salt, pepper. Serve with grated Parmigiano or Asiago cheese.

Nothing beats the taste of freshly made pasta. I don't care how gourmet the box says it's brand is. Whatever... Fresh is best, and it's SO simple to make. And, everybody had a bag of carrots in their fridge. No? So, why not combine roasted carrots, puree them, and knead with flour and one egg? It's a nice change-up to traditional potato gnocchi.

 In fact, carrot gnocchi is very popular in Friuli, Northeastern Italy, just south of Venice. You can also try butternut squash or pumpkin gnocchi. I paired it with a beurre blanc, which traditionally does not have walnuts or sage, that was my little tasty twist. They're like fluffy pillows of goodness. Make them!