Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Alcupulco-Style Chili Verde

Organic tomatillos from our garden, 2011

My roots are Italian, so that's my culinary comfort zone, but my taste buds do wander...and this time, it's south of the border. We harvested hundreds, and I mean hundreds of tomatillos from the garden this fall. 

So, the challenge was to make something else besides, salsa verde. And, who doesn't love green chili? I, actually, think I like it more than red chili. It has chunks of fork-tender pork (shoulder), tomatillos, lots of garlic, onions, chicken stock, and don't forget all those roasted jalapenos and green chili peppers. Plus, a few serranos for some kick!

 It stews for about 3 hours, but it is SO worth the wait. I served it with a fried potato strata wedge. This is my second huge batch I made, and we have enough tomatillos for one more batch, which I think I'll freeze for later.

Recipe to follow soon!

Organic serrano peppers from our garden, 2011