Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pronti per Vinci? Andiamo!! ~ Ready for Vinci? Let's go!

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This day has, finally, arrived!!  Today, I leave for the beautiful, historic Vinci, Italy!   In just hours, I will have my feet planted on Italian soil, once again! I'm so, excited!

And, in honor of Bacchus, the popular, mythological, Roman God of Wine, I snapped a photo of grapes in a drinking vessel (which is Bacchus' symbol).  Surely, the wine growers of Vinci are doing divine work here on earth, and they will, certainly, all be my muses while on this adventure.

Pictured to the left, is a renedering of Bacchus, as depicted  by the artist, Leonardo DaVinci. Perhaps I will get to see this rendering in person, as the famous, Leonardo DaVinci Museum will be local? We shall see!!

Ciao, for now, my friends. I leave you with a breathtaking image of the DaVinci Vineyard, as a little teaser of what is to come! For now, I'm off to the airport!  

A presto!! ~ See you soon!

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