Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ready... Set... Squeal with JOY!!!!!

I am delighted to finally announce that 
The Brooklyn Ragazza~
Cathi Iannone is DaVinci Wine's   

2012 DaVinci Storyteller!!

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I can hardly believe it, myself! It was just a few short weeks ago I came across the advertisement that DaVinci Wine was searching for 4 "creative types" (writers, culinary afficionados, and visual artists & film makers) to join them in the small, historic, Tuscan town of Vinci, Italy as DaVinci "Storytellers"  to learn about DaVinci wine-making, meet the people who make DaVinci Wine, and experience the Tuscan lifestyle. Well, my dream has, finally, come true, and I can't wait to take all of you with me on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

I will spend a week soaking up the beautiful, historic Vinci, Italy, and  translate all of the Tuscan inspiration through my food, stories, and photography. I am excited to explore the Tuscan hillside, where over 200 wine growers have joined together to form a grower's cooperative committed to producing beautiful, authentic, Tuscan wine.

As you know, the famous artist, and genius, Leonardo DaVinci (which means, "of" Vinci) roamed these very cobble-stoned streets that I will explore, and as an artist of Italian descent, I can't help but feel that I am soulfully connected to this journey that has always been inside of me, and this story has just been waiting to be told.  I can't wait to share this story with all of you, and I am so excited I get to bring you all along!

Andiamo, Tutti!~ Let's Go, Everyone!

How can you come along on this amazing journey with me? It's simple! Start by subscribing to this blog, The Brooklyn Ragazza.  Here, I will be posting my culinary discoveries, recipes, photos and stories, basically, all the scoop!  While in Tuscany, I will be on the hunt for ancient recipes that have stood the test of time, especially ones that emphasize "food seasonality," or "vernacular food," that emphasizes Tuscan locality and simple preparation. I cannot wait to dig for those "best-kept-secrets," so I can run back and report to all of you! Feel free to leave comments or questions here on my blog, if there is anything that interests you. I will serve as your investigative, miner of all things DaVinci, and I am prepared to roll up my sleeves and get my hands a little dirty!

Leonardo DaVinci~Self Portrait
Secondly, and who doesn't love looking at pictures? Come on, we're all voyeurs, aren't we? Follow my photo gallery on Flickr.com  as I will be showcasing charrettes of my Tuscan journey every step of the way. From the tours throughout the vineyard, to the markets in Vinci, the Tuscan night life, and everything in between. Let's put all the goods out on front street, and celebrate la dolce vita~the sweet life!. 

Third, and probably the easiest, most instantaneous way to keep your finger on the Tuscan pulse, is to Tweet along with me on your mobile phone! Follow me at my Twitter handle CathiNYC,  as I will be your little birdie, tweeting you constant updates, and keeping you in the DaVinci circle! 

I can not wait to meet the other "Storytellers," and join hands in this journey, but before we do, we have one piece of unfinished business....one more "Storyteller" has yet to be named, and that is where you come in, my friends. Yes, you!  We need you to help us pick one more "Storyteller!"  This year, DaVinci Wine has asked  the public to vote for the 4th "Storyteller!"  Please go to the DaVinci Wine Facebook Page and follow the instructions to vote for your favorite candidate. It's that simple!  Thank you, for your help in selecting the 4th "Storyteller," and I look forward to sharing this amazing, Tuscan journey with all of you!


**I would like to give a very special molto, molto grazie to DaVinci Wine for selecting me as a Storyteller. I cannot wait to meet the people that make DaVinci Wine and embark on this adventure together.**

Cin, Cin!


  1. Cathi!!! Awesome!! I'm gasping in excitement for you!! What fun you will have...I'll be there in spirit every day of the adventure!! xo Ally

    1. Thank you, SO MUCH, Ally!! I am overwhelmed and filled with gratitude to have this experience. I can't wait to explore the land where my family roots began!!

      Thank you, for your sweetness and always showing your warm support! It means so much to me! xxxo -Cath

  2. Cathi, I am so so super excited to hear this news and follow you on this journey. I think I might know just how much this means to you and I wish I had the words within me at this moment to express it. The best part is, I know you know all the words I want to say. I know you will do us PROUD here at home in Utica NY.
    We all love and miss you and wish you all the best and safest of journeys!!

    Love, Carol

    1. Carol, you always say the most heartwarming things! Thank you, so much for following my blog and my upcoming adventure to Vinci, Italy! You are so right; you don't need words to express feeling, I know exactly where your heart and mind is, and that is a the sign of a great friend.

      Thank you, always, for your support, your friendship and your loving spirit!

      Love, Cath xo