Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Roasted Carrot Gnocchi with Toasted Walnut & Sage Beurre Blanc

Carrots, whole wheat flour, 1 egg, garlic, walnuts, sage, butter, shallots, white wine, white wine vinegar, sea salt, pepper. Serve with grated Parmigiano or Asiago cheese.

Nothing beats the taste of freshly made pasta. I don't care how gourmet the box says it's brand is. Whatever... Fresh is best, and it's SO simple to make. And, everybody had a bag of carrots in their fridge. No? So, why not combine roasted carrots, puree them, and knead with flour and one egg? It's a nice change-up to traditional potato gnocchi.

 In fact, carrot gnocchi is very popular in Friuli, Northeastern Italy, just south of Venice. You can also try butternut squash or pumpkin gnocchi. I paired it with a beurre blanc, which traditionally does not have walnuts or sage, that was my little tasty twist. They're like fluffy pillows of goodness. Make them!

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